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What Is the Normal Blood Pressure for Your Age?

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What Is the Normal Blood Pressure for Your Age?

Cardiovascular problems affect a large number of people. Hypertension or high pressure is one of the most common health problems, but should never be taken lightly.

Left untreated, however, this disease can seriously damage your health and eventually lead to heart attack and heart failure.

In most cases people suffer from this problem without even knowing it. However, some people may experience headaches, dizziness, vomiting, blurred vision, short breaths, nausea, and severe anxiety.

If you do not treat high blood pressure in time, health problems can occur, including memory loss, heart attack, heart problems, atherosclerosis, kidney damage and even stroke.

Of course, variations for target blood pressures can be altered due to genes, age, gender, etc.
Here is the normal blood pressure for your age:

In men, by age:

To 20 years old – 123/76
20-30 years – 126/79
30-40 years – 129/81
40-50 years – 135/83
50-60 years – 142/85
Over 70 years – 142/80

In women, by age:

To 20 years old – 116/72
20-30 years – 120/75
30-40 years – 137/84
40-50 years – 137/84
50-60 years – 144/85
Over 70 years – 159/85

Ranges may be lower for children and teenagers. This chart can help you figure out do you have normal blood pressure, or do you need to take some steps to improve your numbers.

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