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What is Absolute?

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1. a. Unrestricted by scope or degree; total: absolute silence.
b. Not restricted by restrictions or exceptions: an absolute right.
c. To be so completely; absolutely: an absolute fool.
d. Not restricted by constitutional or other provisions: an absolute ruler.

2. not mixed; pure: absolute oxygen.
3. undoubted or questioned; positive: absolute proof.

4. Grammar
on. From, referring to a word, phrase or construction that is syntactically isolated from the rest of a sentence when the referee finally arrived The referee has finally arrived, the game began.
b. Of, or refer to, a transitive verb if its object implies but is not specified. For example, inspired in We have a teacher who inspires is an absolute verb.
c. Of, referring to an adjective or a pronoun that stands alone if the noun modified by it implies, but is not stated. For example, yours were the best, theirs are an absolute pronoun and the best is an absolute adjective.

5. Physics
on. Related to measurements or units of measure derived from the basic units length, mass and time.
b. Relative to the absolute temperature.

6. Law completely and unconditionally; final: an absolute divorce.

1. Something that is absolute
2. Absolute philosophy
on. Something that is considered the ultimate and transcendent basis of all thinking and being. Used with.
b. Something considered transcendent or transcendent to be independent and independent.

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