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What is Abdominal Surgery?

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Abdominal Surgery :

Surgery branch, abdominal surgery;

Any procedure involving an incision into the abdomen. Laboratory, radiographic and cardiac tests and consultations can be performed for the preparation of the surgery. The body hair is cut just before the operation and the skin is cleaned from the nipples towards the pubis. Oral food and fluids are maintained for 6 hours or more before surgery. After the operation, the nurse ensures that the airway is patented and the vital signs are stable, controls the tubes and catheters, connects the drain tubes to the collection containers, checks the dressing for excessive bleeding or drainage, and records fluid intake and output. The patient helps to breathe deeply every hour and cough if there is secretion. Necessary medications are given for painkillers. Some types of abdominal surgery are appendectomy, cholecystectomy, gastrectomy, herniorrhaphy and laparotomy.

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