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What is Calcareous?

Calcareous, was displayed 11 times.

Calcareous : The meaning of Calcareous is not active at this moment. What is Calcareous? What does Calcareous mean? Information and word meaning about Calcareous will be added soon.

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Aaron's Sign : Etymology: Charles D. Aaron, American physician, 1866-1951a clinical sign of acute appendicitis indicated by transmitted pain or distress in the epigastric or precordial region when continuous firm pressure is applied to the McBurney point.

Aaron's Sign, was displayed 52 times.

Mc Burney's Point : Etymology: Charles McBurney; L, pungere, to puncturea site of extreme sensitivity in acute appendicitis, situated in the normal area of the appendix midway between the umbilicus and the anterior iliac crest in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen.

Mc Burney's Point, was displayed 47 times.

A Dull Sense : Weak feeling.

A Dull Sense, was displayed 72 times.
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